About Me - scottcairns
Selfie Time

It wasn't for the weather that I moved to the UK from Hawaii...but as I say to the people here, there is more to life than weather. I am a self-taught photographer living in Southern England. You will notice that the majority of my shots come from Hawaii as I had the privilege of living there for over 7 years. But now a new opportunity is here and I find myself with a lot to learn. The geometry of the landscape, the colors and above all the light, have very different qualities. There is a unique beauty and mystery to the English countryside. There are stories to be found here. So please follow along as I try to capture not only the landscape here, but to share in my own way the feeling of living in the UK. 

I shoot with Canon 5Dii, Fujifilm X Pro1 and a Polaroid SX-70 .

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